My Two Dads

1950-mom-and-my2dadsMom was a wildcat of a girl. When this photo was taken in 1950, she was 15 years old and pregnant with my brother–by my real father. (The boy on the right).  I use the word “real” to mean biological. He was 17.  Little did he know his younger brother (the 14-year-old boy on the left) and my mother were crazy about each other. (Peyton Place existed long before Mia Farrow starred in the nighttime drama.) Eager to escape her childhood home and the responsibilities of being the oldest child in the family, my mother thought getting pregnant was a surefire way to freedom. My real father, a Montana cowboy, born to work the land, worked tirelessly to provide for my mother and their new infant son—my brother, Cliff. Meanwhile, Mom and the younger brother, my uncle, kept their eyes on each other. Eventually, he would be the one I called “Daddy.”





10 thoughts on “My Two Dads

    • I’m behind on my replies so I’ve just looked at this. I commend you, as a stepfather, that you care enough about what you do to make a project out of it. Being a stepfather/mother can be tougher than being the biological parent! I can’t seem to connect with your site.


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