Each New Year Marks a Time to Start Over

new-year-chapter-one-typewriterNew Year’s Resolutions are like diets–once the reality sets in that it’s not going to last, and that you can’t make it a lifestyle, you QUIT. That’s why I don’t make resolutions anymore. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward with anticipation to significant changes each New Year. For me, one who enters the Fall season with dread as holiday decorations go up in stores way too early, there is an impending sense of doom. I know full well that the ugly monster (depression) will rear its ugly head and nearly suck the life out of me. Like many people, the holidays hold memories of loss, grief, and just downright darkness. You can’t pray it away, exercise it away, meditate it away; and I know first hand, no amount of food will make it go away. Trying to resist depression only makes it worse. So, I sit with it as best I can. I used to believe it would never go away. I would ruminate about all kinds of solutions–which would have been a big mistake. I know now that, with time and patience, it does go away. (Not completely, of course, since loss and grief tend to linger, sometimes infinitely.)

So, January 1 is my time of renewal. Holidays are packed up, memories of loss and grief diminish. I fill my crockpots with healthy home-made soups. And boy do we need them during the freezing temps we’re having in the Pacific Northwest! I got out my yoga videos and meditation tapes. I’m already thinking about Spring.




13 thoughts on “Each New Year Marks a Time to Start Over

  1. Pacific Northwest?

    Ok, that caught my eye! LOL. Thanks Mandy for visiting my recovery blog. Nice to meet you and love your post. I agree with you as I look at a new year for renew, let go, and Live Big! Even in recovery LOL.

    I am an author, columnist and freelance writer which are my passions and I share help to authors on my other WP blog; “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den.”
    So stop that one anytime 🙂 https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com

    Happy New Year!

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  2. I liked that you acknowledged that this time of year is very hard for people with depression or other mental health issues. I don’t try to fight it either. Usually I eat and drink too much, socialize too much and then feel miserable. Today I have sorted out my health costs for last year and work-out to a new video. One day at a time. 😁

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