Undervalued Homemakers

Feeling a little pissed today. I *get to claim Social Security on my taxes for the first time. I mostly stayed at home for 50 years, raising kids, teaching piano, working off my a** as mom, cook, maid, gardener, etc. My SS check would pay for one fancy meal out. Proof that women in the home back then had no value and why I heard over and over, “Oh, you don’t work?” “Lucky you, a housewife, you *get to stay home!” Now I realize my value was that of a flippin’ house mouse scurrying around in search of cheese and breadcrumbs.


7 thoughts on “Undervalued Homemakers

  1. It is sad, isn’t it, how the work of staying home and raising kids, taking care of your house, doing odd jobs, etc., isn’t valued, at least monetarily. Personally, I think that work has tremendous value!

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  2. Well, Mandy? At least you get one as I still have some years to go and I am NOT to SS will even be in place with this screwed up President and the people he is choosing to run our country! LOL
    Maybe it’s we ‘Swap Memoirs’ and review each other’s? Game? LOL Email me is so: LyonMedia@aol.com 🙂

    And Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Have you seen my Page of Book Promo tips and advice yet? It shows you how & where to promote your book … Here: https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com/cats-book-and-social-media-tips-advice-page-learn-how-and-where-to-promote-your-books/

    Hope it helps you… AND by the way? You are certainly VALUED out here in Bloggerville! X0


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    • Loved knowing I’m valued in Bloggerville, Catherine, Lol! I so wish I had time to read/review other books. Right now I’m up to my kazoo working on other projects. Your book looks really good and I can tell from the reviews it touches many people who are looking for help. I’m going to add it to my must read list!

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  3. I had to go back to work at your age and hadn’t put in yet for Social Security so I managed to get something. Once I got it, it amounted to half what my husband got. I had worked for a pension earlier and that was frozen when I quit teaching. Now I have a little something in my IRA also. It’s hard if you take time off to raise your children but I’m sure they appreciate it. 🙂 — Suzanne


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