About This Blog

darkandstorynightThis is my fourth blog. In my first blog, I worked through “coming out” with secrets held since childhood about my childhood sexual abuse and its aftermath. When I felt ready to move forward, I created my next blog, advocating for adult survivors of childhood sex abuse and child abuse prevention. During that period, I began writing my story, Secrets in Big Sky Country, resulting in a published memoir in 2015. So, why yet another blog?

Here’s the deal. All of that hasn’t been enough. I still feel like I have more outreach to do. Not everyone reads blogs. My book received great feedback, but not everyone reads memoir,  and not everyone has an interest in the topic of childhood sex abuse–who can blame them? So, in reality, a book can only reach so many people.

This blog is two-fold. Quite frankly, writing a book is not a cure-all for recovering from abuse. I’m still working through the why’s of it all, still trying to manage depression, PTSD, and anxiety–all the result of past trauma. And here’s the second part: you can’t imagine how stifled by publishers you are when writing a story. You have to leave out so much pertinent information because memoirs are supposed to be limited to 250 pages. What about the other 200 pages? Cut, cut, cut. Much of what I write in this blog will be bringing back some of those stories that are in the book but more in-depth.  And then, many additional memories from the past and present–whatever I’m ruminating about on a given day.

Thanks so much for following. I love company!